Its freezing the bunny!

Do bunnies die in cold heat or like rats develop a fur and keep the dirt close to heated for the more bunnies to bring our ppl that ideal? Is Easter a way to tell us we are not the bunnies but ppl? I got to post heat questions of the Karmaforce because it’s summer as the bunnies get out so do the Karmaforce!

A lifetime in karma!

”If life has a gene for the Karmaforce I found it I weaponized it I posted it I put the gene into life at a true value to get the most you gotta have some great policy of life and death, I do, sincerely the guy who won’t let the evil enemies try training within the earth, take life instead getting more Karmaforce into life is a death for some and a lifetime for good, don’t forget you were told no enemies are going to sartorial training and we put a risk of death by Karmaforce also caution to health here so you can be gone from the great Karmaforce training and live a lifetime, yes I look like god, ok yoda in this world! ?” gets the silly but pro!!!

Let’s all sit back and get silly ?!!! Pros don’t do cons that’s a no so as we relax to the day it’s a little Karmaforce in the earth ?!!!!

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