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What timeframe?

By alterfreaks May18,2023

In an alternate timeline, the development of written language never occurred. Instead, humans relied solely on oral communication to pass down knowledge and history from generation to generation.

As a result, society evolved in a vastly different way. Without the ability to record information, humans were forced to rely on their memories and storytelling abilities to preserve their culture. This led to the development of a highly skilled class of oral historians, who were revered for their ability to remember and recite vast amounts of information.

However, this reliance on oral communication also led to a number of challenges. Miscommunications and misunderstandings were common, and there was no way to verify the accuracy of historical accounts. As a result, myths and legends often took on a life of their own, and historical facts became distorted over time.

Despite these challenges, society continued to thrive. People learned to adapt to their unique circumstances, and they developed new ways of passing down information. Songs, dances, and other forms of performance art became important tools for preserving cultural traditions and history.

As time went on, humans continued to innovate and develop new technologies. However, without a written language, progress was slow and limited. It wasn’t until the development of telepathic communication that society truly began to flourish.

With the ability to communicate directly with one another’s minds, humans were able to share information and ideas at lightning-fast speeds. This led to a new era of innovation and progress, as people were able to build on each other’s ideas in real-time.

Today, the world is a vastly different place than it was in our timeline. Without the development of written language, society evolved in a way that is almost unrecognizable. However, despite the challenges they faced, humans were able to adapt and thrive, using their unique abilities to build a better world for themselves and future generations.

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