Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

What’s overall value

The story goes that there was a wise man who lived in a small village. One day, a traveler came to the village and asked the wise man about the nature of the cosmos.

The wise man replied, “The cosmos is like a great river, flowing endlessly and without end. The Tao is like the water that flows through the river, giving it life and sustenance. Without the Tao, the river would be dry and lifeless, and the cosmos would be without meaning or purpose.”

The traveler was confused by this answer and asked the wise man to explain further. The wise man replied, “The Tao is the force that gives rise to all things in the universe. It is the energy that flows through the stars and planets, the trees and mountains, and all living beings. It is the source of all life and the foundation of all existence.”

The traveler was amazed by this explanation and asked the wise man how he could connect with the Tao. The wise man replied, “To connect with the Tao, you must let go of your ego and your desires. You must allow yourself to be like the water that flows through the river, always moving and changing, but never losing its connection to the Tao.”