Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

There was a wise man who had two disciples, each of whom was studying the Tao. One day, the wise man asked each of his disciples to describe the Tao using only one word.

The first disciple thought for a moment and replied, “The Tao is like a great river, flowing endlessly and without end.” The second disciple, however, remained silent.

The wise man then asked the second disciple why he had not replied. The second disciple replied, “Master, the Tao cannot be described with just one word. It is like trying to describe the color of the sky with only one word. It is too vast and complex to be captured by language alone.”

The wise man was pleased with the second disciple’s answer and said, “You have shown great wisdom. The Tao cannot be fully described or understood with words alone. It must be experienced and lived.”